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Higher Reliability Ventilators Through Self Aware™ Pressure Sensors

Differential Pressure Sensors – Ventilators

  • Advanced capabilities made possible with Superior Sensor’s NimbleSense architecture 
  • Industry’s highest performing differential pressure sensors customized with 1ms response times
  • Capability to second source competing sensor’s analog and digital interfaces while improving performance
  • Field proven, highly reliable solutions shipping to industry leading customers in markets worldwide
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Ventilator Focused Feature Optimization

Ventilators Require Highest Reliability

The ventilator industry manufactures the market’s highest reliability products with appropriate features offered at acceptable cost levels. Increased system reliability obtained by identifying and replacing sensors, prior to failure, has been shown to lower system alarm rates which saves lives.

We are working closely today with a group of ventilator manufacturers to define and develop break-through technology focused on dramatically lowering system alarm rates during critical care therapy cycles.

Medical ventilators are sophisticated mechanical ventilation systems designed to move breathable air into and out of the lungs for patients physically unable to breathe on their own. Today’s systems are electronically controlled through embedded processing to tightly manage air pressure and flow characteristics to meet individual patient requirements. These systems are considered life critical as system failures may result in serious harm to the patient. As such, these mechanical ventilators are carefully designed to ensure single points of failure do not harm patients.

NimbleSense™ Architecture Advantage

Superior Sensor Technology is now in development of a new advanced sensor offering to dramatically lower overall system alarm rates caused by traditional sensor failures.  Our Self Aware Sensor™ technology enables our customers to track changes in sensor error levels, enabling the replacement of marginal sensors prior to a system alarm incident. As a result, system alarm rates during life critical therapy sessions are improved by 1000x  relative to traditional sensor solutions.  We are working closely today with our system partners to ensure that this technology will change the reliability landscape of the Ventilation market.

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