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Support Many Applications and Pressure Ranges with One Sensor.

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ND Series – Differential Pressure Sensors

Industry’s highest performing and most flexible differential pressure sensors, based on NimbleSense™ architecture, for a wide array of industrial applications.

  • Multi-Range™ technology: factory calibrated and performance optimized for up to 7 distinct pressure ranges within a single device.
  • Advanced programmable filter from 1 Hz to 200 Hz.
  • 50/60 Hz notch filter to block industrial electrical noise.
  • Thermal transient compensation from -20°C to +85°C.
  • Best system performance with 0.05% accuracy down to 62.5 Pa, Total Error Band (TEB) less than 0.15% and Long-Term Stability +/- 0.05% FSS per year.
  • Pressure ranges as low as 62.5 Pa (0.25″ H2O) to as high as 345 mBar psi (5 psi).
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ND Series Flexibility Supports Many Applications

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3D Printing

Air Quality Testing

Automated Safety Systems

Chemical Monitoring

Leak Testing

Nuclear Power Monitoring

Pneumatic System Monitoring

Water Quality Testing

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R & D

Air Pressure Monitoring

Calibration of Devices

Clean Room Access

Data Acquisition

Environmental Chambers

Lab Equipment

Large Format Printers

Particle Counting

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Auto Smog Testing

Aviation Instrumentation

Cabin Pressure Monitoring

Commercial Space Rockets

DHS Air Quality

Hospital Room Monitoring

Radon Remediation

UAV/UAS (Drones)

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Multi-Range Capability Lowers Inventory Spending

Multi-Range™ Capability for ND Series

  • Superior Sensor’s NimbleSense™ architecture supports the industry’s first Multi-Range™ offering enabling a single system to cover the full pressure range required.
  • It does this while maintaining optimized calibrated performance at each selected pressure range, saving substantially on inventory cost and simplifying manufacturing efforts.
  • Up to 7x inventory reduction of production systems and sensors.
  • Single user command to change FSS range.
  • FSS ranges supported from 62.5 Pa (0.25” H2O) to 345 mBar (5 psi) across family.
  • Factory calibrated and performance optimized for each selected range.
  • Industry’s most flexible and highest performing solution.

Competing Single Range Sensors

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