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Industry Leading Pressure Sensor Performance,

Reliability and System Capabilities

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Precision measurement of air flow provided by advanced differential pressure sensing solutions has become a core piece of next generation industrial instrumentation and measurement systems.

Today’s ultra competitive industrial pressure sensor markets require:

  • Higher performance – Industry’s best Accuracy and Total Error Band
  • Increased stability – Excellent long-term drift
  • Improved reliability – Self Aware Sensor™ diagnostics
  • Cost effective system solutions
  • Unique system features tailored for each application

Superior Sensor’s innovative NimbleSense™ architecture has yielded the industry’s highest performance pressure sensor modules. Typical applications include air quality testing, leak testing, flow meters, particle counting, clean room access, lab instrumentation, smog testing, aviation instrumentation, UAV and many others where a very high performance to system cost ratio is required.


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With decades of experience working with a wide variety of differential pressure sensors in medical devices, our team is well equipped to understand application requirements and propose optimal pressure sensing solutions.

The medical market is very broad covering:

  • Critical care applications including Ventilators and Anesthesia
  • Non-Critical care applications such as Spirometry and Oxygen Concentrators
  • Home care applications such as CPAP and BiPAP

With greatly varying cost, performance and safety requirements, it is important to look deeper at each system application to understand the unique value of Superior Sensor’s products.

For critical care applications: The equipment manufacturers and warranty service providers are expected to provide the highest reliability offerings possible.

For non-critical care hospital applications: Improvements in sensor performance help doctors to better diagnose patients.

For home care applications: Improvements in sensor accuracy and reliability extend the effective life of home care products.


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Commercial buildings are utilizing many advanced systems to monitor, regulate air flow for improved comfort, energy savings and healthier work environments.

Today’s highly competitive HVAC pressure sensor markets require:

  • Cost effective system solutions
  • Design flexibility to quickly modify and support custom variants
  • High performance – Industry’s best Accuracy and Total Error Band
  • Increased stability – Minimal long-term drift
  • Unique system features tailored for HVAC and air handling applications

The HV & HS Series of devices typify Superior Sensor’s unique differentiated solutions:

  • The industry’s first Multi-Rangeempowered sensor enabling a single sensor to replace up to 8 competing devices
  • The highest performing pressure sensor devices with best in class stability
  • The industry’s first sensor to integrate variable bandwidth filtering along with a 50/60Hz notch filter
  • Reduced manufacturing cost due to significant inventory SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) reductions


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